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For women who wonder how strength and weakness coexist or how to bless both bravery and tenderness; for those longing to bring the fullness of their glory to the world without a chip on their shoulder; for those who have embraced a global sisterhood and left small storied lives behind, this is for you. The fierce and lovely women seeking the “both and” of a big storied life. Join author Beth Bruno as she chats with fierce and lovely women around the world.

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    Beth Bruno

    Beth Bruno wraps up season 1 and makes a big announcement!

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    Ella and Sophie Bruno

    Beth Bruno talks with daughters, Ella and Sophie about fierce and lovely in their lives and among their peers, what they most need and look for in older women, and the benefits and consequences of an intentional rites of passage year: Becoming.

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    Emily Mills

    Beth Bruno and Emily Mills share a passion for ending sex trafficking, stopping the demand, and empowering women no matter their story to find true life-giving dignity. As founder of Jesus Said Love, Emily shares her fierce and lovely story.

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    Mandy Hale

    Beth Bruno and Mandy Hale, otherwise known as The Single Woman on social media channels, discuss hitting rock bottom and finding hope and purpose again. What happens when you have it all, a thriving platform that includes Oprah, book deals, and being name a Twitter Powerhouse and then experience one hard thing after another?

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    Christy Rood

    Beth Bruno and Christy Rood enter into the election and political conversation tentatively. How do you know when to remain silent and when to speak up? How do we have meaningful discussion as believers and call out speech and behavior that is counter to the gospel, even if it means offending fellow Christians?

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    Courtney Skiera-Vaughn

    Beth Bruno and Courtney Skiera-Vaughn, Executive Director of Free The Girls, talk about empowering survivors of sex trafficking through social enterprise. They talk about what Courtney has learned from female leaders in Mozambique and how we are a global sisterhood. As a mother to two very young children, they discuss how it's possible to lead a global organization from her home in the Smoky Mountains.

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    Shannan Martin

    Beth Bruno and Shannan Martin talk about the liturgy of noticing the groaning of our place, the surprise friendship that comes from loving ordinary people, jail ministry, and the ways Shannan has learned about fierce and lovely from the misfits she spends time with.

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    Kathy Khang

    Beth Bruno and Kathy Khang talk about Kathy's new book, Raise Your Voice, speaking out against injustice because of the truth and beauty of the gospel, provocative t-shirts and sending kids to college.

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    Natasha Robinson

    Beth Bruno and Natasha Sistrunk Robinson talk about embracing the both/and of strength and weakness and the gift of learning this from black women. How do you have righteous anger without sinning? How do you speak against injustice and sin without self-righteousness? Beth and Natasha share a passion to raise strong young women and talk about exposing girls to godly leaders as a means of discipleship.

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    Ashley Hales

    Beth Bruno and Ashley Hales discuss "Finding Holy in the Suburbs," a book about the places we live and the loves we have. Though urban ministry has been the focus of kingdom work this last decade, Ashley offers a theology of the suburbs in a tone that is prophetic, but not self-righteous. We talk about suburban geography informing our loves, finding value in busy, and blessing the ordinary of our days.

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